Smashpizza Bases

Jesse spent months in the Smashpizza kitchen experimenting, taste testing & perfecting the ultimate Smashpizza Base recipes!

His Smashpizza recipes are TOP SECRET but be rest assured....

1.You'll feel the sun shining even on the gloomiest of day's when you smash into our white Smashpizza base bursting with golden morsels of yumminess!

2.You'll think you're in a dream entering a new world of Cookies & Cream, with our milk chocolate Smashpizza base...

3. Cookie Monster would be doing back flips to get his mits on our crispy chocolate chip Secret Recipe base.

Please note our Gluten Free & Vegan Smashpizza chocolate base have their own unique tasty & dietary friendly recipe bases.

Stay tuned for limited edition Smashpizza bases. We'll throw these into the mix when the occasion calls for a new twist.